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Dear fellow writers, I have two queries, Hope someone can clarify that for me. 1) ACTIVITY ON THIS JOB:- It shows at the bottom of the page. Activity on this job Proposals: 15 to 20 Last viewed by client: 16 hours ago Hires: 1 Interviewing: 4 Invites sent: 3 Unanswered invites: 1 QUESTION:- When it says Hires:1 - Does it mean that the client has one position to hire someone OR does it mean that one person is hired(meaning, if it's a too old job- I'd rather not apply) 2) CONNECTS:- I have finished my connects. It's the first time they are all spent. And there are some jobs I want to apply for. I understood that new connects will be added to the account automatically. But that has not happened yet. Maybe I misunderstood or missing something here?! Please make me understand this. At the moment, is there any way to get new connects? OR I need to wait until it gets added into my account? If so, how long I need to wait? Any advice is appreciated on either/both queries. Thanks in advance. Best.K
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Hi Kiana, 

Please see my answers to your questions below: 

  1. When it says Hires: 1, it means that the client has hired 1 freelancer for this job. It is very likely that the client left the job post open so that he can continue to look into other freelancers' profiles. Sometimes the contract with the first freelancer doesn't work out, or they find the need to hire another freelancer. 
  2. I checked your Membership & Connects page and I can see that your connects will not be credited until 22-Jun. If you think you need more Connects, you may upgrade your Membership plan to a Plus plan. Once you have moved to the paid Connects, you should be able to purchase Connects in bundles. 

~ Avery

HI Avery, Thank you for clear answers. I am clear on answer one. Still some confusions on Connect matter- Regarding the Connect:- 1) you wrote- ".....I can see that your connects will not be credited until 22-Jun..." Does it mean I will get my free connects on every 22nd of the month? Can I request someone to change that date? 2) I opened the link you provided. Now, it says that a basic member gets 60 connects per month and paid one gets 70 connects per month. It's only difference of 10 connects... Is that right? I was thinking (before I clicked on the link) that may be I can get much more connects if I go on paid plan, but was surprised to difference of only 10. ..Pls confirm the difference is correct. OR Is it that- if I go on a paid plan- I get 70 connects from the paid plan as well as those 60 connects each basic members get? Meaning total of 130? 3) When you said .."....Once you have moved to the paid Connects, you should be able to purchase Connects in bundles..." When you say, Bundles- what exactly does it mean? You mean free connects or additional connects or one can buy in thousand on discounted price? I hope you can help with this. I think it may be simple for ppl who know but I'm still finding my way around it. I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot Best k

Hi Avery, I tried to upgrade my membership to Plus. But it came up with this notice.. "Your payment could not be processed. Please choose an alternate payment method or retry again later." So, Fair enough. I can try alternate payment method but for that I should really open that window for me to select the alternate option... It's not opening that window. I tried couple of times and it is still showing the same line. I find it weird that if it says, choose and alternate payment - then why is it not giving an option to choose that? Sorry for venting out.. Please help out if you know who do I need to contact to get more connects? Thanks Kiana

Hi Kiana,


We'll have one of our agents reach out to you via support ticket to assist you with your billing method issue.


Edited to add:


Please, note that while your account hasn't yet been moved to the new paid connects system, we are planning to have all freelancers to be moved to the new system by the end of June. You will receive a notification about a week before your account is moved to paid connects.


1. In the previous system, yes, connects would be credited at the beginning of each billing cycle which you could check in Settings> Membership & Connects. In the new system, Basic Membership doesn't include free connects. The only way to change the billing cycle is to upgrade Membership. The day you upgrade to a Freelancer Plus plan your billing cycle date is reset.


2. With this change, we are raising the price of the Freelancer Plus plan to reflect the fact that Connects now have a monetary value of $0.15 each. With the Freelancer Plus plan, you will continue to receive 70 Connects (a $10.50 value) plus all the other valuable perks, such as seeing competitor bids when you submit a proposal and rollover Connects. Learn more here.


3. After the change, connects are not sold individually, but bundles begin at $1.50 for 10 Connects. Regardless of which bundle you choose, all Connects are priced at $0.15 apiece. Here are your bundle options:

• 10 for $1.50
• 20 for $3
• 40 for $6
• 60 for $9
• 80 for $12


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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Hello Kiana


Be advised that starting in May, Upwork changed their connects policy. There is no more free connects on the basic plan. You now need to purchase connects. It cost $0.15 for each for freelancers. The 60 connects you got for free on the basic plan, if you want to have them again this month you need to pay a total of $9 , (0.15*60)  

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