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Agency Queries


I want to promote my agency over up work and seek your help and guidance to do so.

I want to add certain profiles to my agency, so need to know:

1). How can I do so?
2). What all new rules or chain of rules that would be new and different that I need to take care of?
3). 2 persons associated with me have left the agency and how can I add their profiles
4). How many total profiles, can I add to the agency?
5). How many persons can access the agency account?

It would be great if you want me to enlighten me about anything else that might be of some use to me as an agency manager


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rahul,


If you would like to work as a team you will need to open an Agency account on your existing account and list all team members in your agency. To learn more about agencies check out this guide which will address all of your questions.  


 Let us know if you need any further assistance.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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