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Agency require us to do violation against Odesk

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Patricia C Member Since: Dec 27, 2011
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I was hired as a CSA for a great company but I am under agency or staffed by staffing manager.


ISSUE #1: When I get hired the Staffing manager tell me to pilot his own account wherein his hourly rate is far high than what he gave me and I wont pay me for 2 weeks hourly work. He said it was a policy of odesk but as I know It will only apply to a newly hired account for the client to check work. 


ISSUE #2: Later on after a month, he allowed me to use my own account but he asked for my password and security question. I got confused, As I know he can just tell me to accept and review the clients contract but I never get a chance to because when I try to open notification on my personal email sent to me by Odesk and click on the link It says the contract was already accepted. When I gave him my account details I set my hourly rate to 2.50/hr but it changing eventually as Odesk implement minimum hourly rate to 3.33/hr to 4.44/hr but I'm still getting 1.50/hr. 


ISSUE #3: Things get worst under his management and now he requires a mandatory change of password to a universal one including our security question since Odesk implement the 3USD per hour minimum rate. He say it was to manage our work diaries but I researched and found out that staffing manager has all the right to manage team members without the needs for our personal details. 


ISSUE #4: I continue digging more and found out that some of my co-workers (teammates) uses account of a persons who are no longer part of the team. When hiring a new CSA he do the same process as he does to me. 2weeks without salary and using the staffing managers own account, account of his wife, account of people who are not active to odesk and no longer part of the team.

I think our client does'nt know about it as our staffing manager doesnt allow us to have contact with the client.


ISSUE #5: I requested a maternity leave for a few weeks but instead of informing the client about my condition he want to distribute my time to 5 different person. I changes my password and security question and refuse for the security of my own account. He Isolate me from the team and see no co-workers in my Odesk team app so in fear that he may paused my contract or deactivate my account, unabling me to find another client. I leave the agency despite of a great client that he has.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Patricia,


I am sorry to hear your relationship with your agency didn't turn our well. You are right, sharing log-in information with anybody is a violation of oDesk Policies. Please make sure you never give your password or answer to your security question to anybody. It is also a violation if one agency member works on a contract of another one.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I will pass your report to our Marketplace Quality Team for review.

~ Valeria
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Patricia C Member Since: Dec 27, 2011
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Thank you for your quick response Valeria. I hope Odesk will do something about this matter because for the betterment of Odesk community and for all freelancers who are also experiencing same situation. If you want further details, screenshot and evidence. I am willing to cooperate. 


Regards, Trish