Application Not Submitted

Sorry, we were unable to save your application.

This contractor has already submitted a proposal that was declined by the client.


This is the error message I received when trying to submit a proposal. The first proposal that I submitted errored out, and never completed. When I tried again, I received the error message above. Has this happened to anyone else? I know that the proposal never went through because it doesn't show up under the Proposal's tab, nor did I lose any credits.




Since it says it was declined by the client, your proposal is probably under your "archive" tab. Did you look there?

Of course, and it's not listed there either. 

Community Manager
Community Manager



Are you still getting the error and are getting it when applying for one particular job or all jobs? Could you please try using an incognito window and let us know if it still returns the error.

~ Valeria

Getting error every time ..I test with few projects also incognito . Can you please check its .

Sorry, we were unable to save your application.

This contractor has already submitted a proposal that was declined by the client.


I apologise for the delay in my reply, Swarnendu. 

Does the issue still persist for you on random job posts? 

~ Avery

Hi, i'm also getting this error message. What is wrong?

Hi Vojislav,


Are you getting this error when applying to all jobs or to one particular job? It's possible that that job has already been closed or made private by the client.

~ Valeria

I'm getting this message to the particular job, never faced this kind a issue before. I have not received any notification if client declined my proposal so i'm kind confused. Maybe client just declined my proposal.

Thank you.

I have issues on the other job proposals also,getting the same message again. Please help!


Hi. Just wanted to apply to a job, sent the proposal, but nothing happend. The connects looks like they were tooked for the application but the job is not in my archived, active or any list at all. In fact the job is right there in the feed and it's showing me the button to apply a proposal, again. Like, I can click on it and still opens the page to complete it with the info. So what now? I applied or not, since I lost the conects but the job is not showing me that I ever applied, since you can't really submit 2 times. Funny thing is that this job was an easy one and still after 30 min has under 5 applicants. Guess everyone got buged now and no one can bid.

I am having that same trouble with a job I put in also.

Hi all,


Noticed the same thing but I went further and reapplied for the job. It says something like "We can't save this proposal as the contractor already submitted but was declined by the client". Declined applications are usually archived and for sure with no option to apply again.

Thanks for the information. May I ask if you have a link that we can refer to for reference?  Appreciate your help!

Same thing happened on my end.  Based on the previous threads that I read on September 2016 discussions for the same issue, could be a possible downtime due to system maintenance, we still have to get that concluded though.

From what I know, the maintenance was already, this morning my time.

Anyway, it's me or it's for everyone one else too, since I looked through almost 30 pages of job posts that were listed in the last hour and none has more than 5 possible applicants.

I'm sure they're working on it.  Hopefully it gets fixed soon.  I tried to resubmit my proposal but no go, even checked it under archive but it's not listed.  Looking forward to a reference link or any updates on resolution.

Wow, have one of them back. The other is not here yet, waiting for it. Though the "submit a proposal" button is still active for this job.

Lucky you. I've got some job back in the active list, for a few minutes, that was closed as the client hired someone and was archived a few days ago 🙂

One of my proposal was in active candidacies till yesterday and today it is not available anywhere under my proposal what that means?



10 minutes a go there was 40 submited proposal now there is only 25 i thought those jobs were offerd to freelancers but i found a job which applied today i have to apply to that job again what is worning with my profile more than 6 jobs which i applied isant there what should i do 


I noticed that too. I had submitted 23 proposals and only 10 is shown. Why?

Hey Sachin,


Some proposals just disappear recently. Not the exact same issue, as I was not interviewed before they disappeared, but other freelancers too face this issue. I have found the job posting and it even gives an option to apply for it. I reapplied for one of them just to see what is the issue and it says sth like that the proposal was declined by the client. Well, in your case after being interviewed, your proposal is surely not declined, so your post made me more confused about this.

Hi All,

We currently have a known issue which is causing delays with proposals being delivered. Our engineers are working to resolve this as soon as possible, thank you all for your patience.