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Bank verification


I have prolem with my Bank verification. The name that I used in my Upwork account is different from this in my Bank account. So, I received this message: Due to our updated identity policy, at least one of your payment methods has been deactivated as the beneficiary name of the bank account does not match your name. 

The name that I used in my Upwork profile is Ekaterina Ilkova and is my name before I got married.

After I married I already used different surname and my name now is Ekaterina Dimitrova.

When I have to verryfied myself with my ID card, I sent you picture of it and there is my latest name and surname Ekaterina Dimitrova. This name is also in my bank account.

So, I want to fix the error but I do not know what to do now.

Please tell me what I have to do to receive the money I earned.

Thank you.

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Retired Team Member

Hi Ekaterina,


You will need to update your profile name to your full legal name by going to Settings > Contact Info > and update your name. Thank you.

~ Goran
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