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Can I view recording of yesterday's webinar?

Can I view the recording of yesterday's webinar - "Interview with Danny Margulies: How I built a 6-figure business freelancing from Omaha, Nebraska"? I was signed up but was not able to attend.

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Hi Jessica,

I checked and a recording should be available soon although it isn't out just yet. However an email with the recording will be sent out to the users who signed up for the webinar so you should be seeing the email about that shortly.


What about those who didn’t sign up? Is there any way to still get access?

Hello Charles,


You may check here to have the updates about the webinar recordings. Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Charles and Jessica,


You can find the recording of the webinar here. Apologies for the technical issues at the beginning of the recording. 

~ Valeria
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