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Can I withdraw less than $100?

Hello everyone!

I have a problem I want to withdraw about $74 to my local bank account but it is not happening can anyone tell me why this is happening?

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You can. If you want pay half ($30) as fee. 

Maybe some site fault if nothing happening.

Well, if I give 30 dollars, it will be withdrawn,

So it should works. Try later or ping support. I saw no minimal amount restriction for manual withdrawn.

$100 minimal is for auto withdraw if i remember correctly.

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There should be no problem. I've withdrawn less than $20 of money with the $0.99 fee. But I'd think more than twice if I can only withdraw some little amount with the $30 fee, of course.


I'm more interested in the $74. Is it already in your "available" balance? Or not?


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