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Can Upwork Flag Jobs Already Abandoned or Obsolete?

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Mark Ronald M Member Since: May 5, 2017
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Again and again I encounter job descriptions which contain a deadline, I look at the calendar and that date has already passed, but the job description is still active. I am beginning to realize that Upwork does NO filtering for job description contents, and apparently clients can write ANYTHING they want no matter how absurd or unrealistic.


Can Upwork add filters to job descriptions which find dates already past? Since I now know that the actual work is only detailed in the description, I know that we need filters which we can apply to that FIELD, meaning filters to search and Include/Exclude job descriptions based on description TEXT.


Clients circumvent the categories of budget and skill level rendering the filters nearly useless. That could be fixed. But we could also improve the filters by adding the ability to scan descriptions!


Today I am looking at a job where the client states very clearly that the work must be done before May 8th, and guess what day it is? It's the 22nd.


Aren't we using computers? With sophisticated algorithms that can find relevance? Are we living in the digital age now, or do I really have to sort Upwork's job list manually?


Now I have received the suggestion that I write my own filters!!! What does Upwork do to earn 20% of the value of contracts? Do they have any tools such as this?


Now I am a "Power member" but where are my POWER TOOLS?


If clients and freelancers are paying 20% of their value to Upwork, then I think Upwork can supply some algorithms which deliver RELEVANT job descriptions which are timely, meaning that they have not already expired.


Does anyone have similar experience to share?



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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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Not really. Once in a while, I see a job posting that has expired. So, I don't bid.


I find that far preferable to having a necessarily flawed algorithm hiding or deleting jobs because a date was mentioned in the posting, though that date may or may not have been a deadline and may or may not have been a hard deadline if it was.


ETA: Mark, I notice that your location is listed as within the U.S., yet your local time is 11 hours ahead of me here in the midwestern U.S. How is that possible?