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Cancel a project

Will it affect my JSS if I'll cancel a fixed-priced project I accepted an hour ago? 

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Yes , if the client leaves a poor private feedback

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Impact on JSS only if client leaves negative feedback.


No impact if client leaves no feedback, or positive feedback.


If you need to cancel, you need to cancel.

You aren't costing the client anything. He has no good reason to leave negative feedback.


But it doesn't matter that much what the impact will be or won't be. Because you aren't going to do the work. You need to cancel so the client can get his money back.

Preston H wrote:

You need to cancel so the client can get his money back.

... most of it, anyway... The processing fee and any exchange rate differences (which can be significant) are not refunded. If the client's card is in a currency other than USD there will be two losses from currency exchanges and what the the client gets back will be considerably less than what they originally paid to fund the milestone.


Preston H wrote:

You aren't costing the client anything.

of course she is!

Those are important points.

Thank you.

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