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Client account got suspended. Will I get paid as a top-rated plus freelancer?

Hi, I see my client's account got suspended today. I'm supposed to be paid today. Will I still get paid?

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Community Manager

Hi Paola Mariz,

It sounds like you're referring to Contract ID# 28124029. There is currently an issue with your client's account. Once they resolve the issue, their account will be reinstated. In the meantime, please refrain from continuing work on this project. You may read more about what to do when a contract is paused in this article. 

If you're referring to Faster Payouts, please know that cleared payments are released on Fridays by 5 a.m. UTC. If you live in another timezone, please calculate the time difference to determine when your payment will be available. We will also email you after your payment is applied and ready to be withdrawn.

If your client disputes your hours or their billing method cannot be successfully charged, your payment will be processed according to the Weekly Billing Cycle. You may visit this article for more information about Faster Payouts. 

~ Avery
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