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Client disputes

Hey everyone here, hope you're all doing well!


I've been trying to get in touch with Upwork support, but no luck. So I thought I'd ask here. I had a client dispute some of the hours I billed for a project. I'm not getting into details, but long story short, Upwork sided with me, and it seemed like the client had to pay up.


Now, my first issue is that the money from that dispute is still pending. I guess it might take some time to review even though dispute set as resolved, but if anyone has any advice, that'd be great.

More importantly, I've been on this project for two weeks. The first week, which got disputed, has been sorted out and at least I can see it in pending balance. But now I can't seem to find the payment for my second week's work. It's just vanished. Any ideas?


I appreciate any ideas about similar cases,
Thank you!

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Hey, just more info, the money for the second week didn't disappear. It's showing as overcharged and set as red even though it wasn't when I tracked time on his contract. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

Red is overtime or suspended. Maybe dispute results not applied a while to release funds.

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The dispute resolved except for the time with low activities, I believe. Upwork said that they had to return some hours as it is recorded not much activities in those timeline, and everything was resolved.

Hello everyone, any solutions?

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