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Client feedback

Hello Upwork community


I have a question regarding clients feedback. We had wonderful communication, and everything was perfect until he left a review on my profile with a rating of 4. I'm a freelancer at the beginning and every rating is important to me. I have two feedbacks, one is 5, the other is 4, and together they carry 79% JSS, which significantly affects my profile. We talked and he said he would redo it because he made a mistake, but he never did. It's been almost a month... Can I refund him the money and will the feedback be removed from my profile, and will JSS be fixed because it's causing me problems when getting a new job?



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You can hide feedback with full refund but cannot remove from JSS. Keep it as is and collect more good feedbacks.

thank you


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Refika A.,


We have been told that if you refund to a client 100% of the money they have paid you on their project the client's public feedback on your profile for that project will be removed. However, the all-important private feedback can never be changed or removed by you or a client.


That's even if you refund 100% of what the client paid you, so there's really no good reason to do a refund if you've done the work you were paid to do.

And it is the client's private feedback, which you have no way to ever see, that has far and away a larger effect on your Job Success Score than does public feedback. Your JSS of 79 will not change regardless whether you refund money to the client.

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