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Client feedback


Hi everyone! I've just received a five star feedback from my first Client on Upwork. 

I know about a problem regarding freelancers only seeing feedback rate and but no text.

Many suggests to have patience and wait for the text to be shown on their profile. 

I'd like to know if possible, how many days do I have to wait approximately to see the text? (if there is a text). Is it that bad to receive only the score without a text from the Client?


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If the star rating has shown on your profile then they probably didn't leave any text.  Unfortunately this is common and very annoying as it sometimes misleads potential clients to think maybe the experience wasn't great and therefore they left no text feedback.

Ilaria, it’s not bad to receive 5 stars without any text, so don’t worry about it. While it’s possible the client didn’t give you great private feedback, you have no way of knowing if that’s the case.
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