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Client is not releasing the payment!


I'm a Facebook Marketer and did a project for a client to run campaigns for his dropshipping business!

He was getting visitors, link clicks, engagements but no sales!

So, when he decided to change his product, I asked his to complete the current project! He appreciated my professionalism and patience and agreed to mark the project as complete but it's been 3 days he did not complete the project and release the payment!


Thank you

Muhammad Absar


Did you think the dropshipping business, was going to make money? You know, if it looks like he can't afford it, payment is going to be difficult.

Sharon: The nature of the client's business has nothing to do with the fact that the freelancer did the task he was asked to do, and the client will need to pay for that work.


re: "...it's been 3 days he did not complete the project and release the payment!"


It has been 3 days since you requested payment.

3 days is not a long time. Upwork allows clients 14 days.


So what happens is this:

- I finish my task

- I use the "Submit Work / Request Payment" button

- The client releases payment

- I get paid AUTOMATICALLY if the client does nothing


Note that I use the Submit button ONCE. Do NOT click it again.

Clicking the button again resets the time. I do NOT send a message to the client. Just be patient.