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Client not showing up on the Upwork app contract list. Please help

Hi guys! Sorry to bother you all, but I'm having a bit of a problem. I currently have two hourly contracts and one has recently been paused, but when it was paused my other contract stopped being visible! I'm starting to panic because I will need to start logging in time tomorrow but the contract still does not appear on the app.


Hi Katarina,


I understand it can be frustrating. Sometimes it helps if you logout from the app and log in again.

Did you notice whether the other contract is still active when you click "my jobs" on the dashboard?

Hi!! Thanks for your reply! Yes, I tried logging in and out as well as restarting. I only get a screen saying that one contract has been paused and I cannot access my other contracts.upwork.jpg.png

Hi Katarina,


Are you able to navigate back to the window with the list of contracts? If you still can't, could you please submit a support ticket by clicking on your name at the bottom of your Team App and then click "Contact Support."


The team will get more details via the ticket that way and will assist you further.


Sorry about the inconvenience.

~ Valeria

EDITED - I misread.... I thought the paused contract was not visible....


If the other contract is not visible check that the contract has started and is active, not paused or on hold.

If the above is OK close the app completely and restart it.


You can not log time on a paused contract (that is the whole point of a contract being paused,) that is why it is not visible in the drop down menu of the app.

What you need to do is to get the client to unpause the contract, then close the app down and bring it back up.


Provided the contract was successfully restarted by the client the contract will show in the app and you can log time on it again

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