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Client not willing to increase hourly limit but asks me to work then questions authenticity of work




I have a client who set my weekly hourly limit to 25 but asks me to work for 40 hours. Says he is willing to pay the extra hours as Upwork bonus. It worked for 2 weeks, but now I am having a hard time explaining what work has been done even with the screenshots from Upwork.


What policies do we have for clients such as this?


I love working for him but hates having to beg him to pay me for what went over the weekly horly limit.


Thank you for your help!

Community Guru

Dear client,

"I enjoy working for you, but I am not willing to continue working extra hours without recording them. If you would like for me to work more than 25 hours per week, then please change the maximum hour amount so that I can do so using the time tracker. If you prefer, I can stop working once I've reached the 25 hour limit each week. Thank you for addressing this issue." 



Tonya's advice is perfect.


Ultimately, you will need to be the one who decides what to do about this situation.

I know I wouldn't put up with it, but I can't make a decision for you.


You should know that you are NOT violating any Upwork rules by working for 40 hours but only getting paid for 25 hours.


The client is violating Upwork ToS if she is asking you to work for free. But you (the freelancer) can't get in trouble for that.


You should also know that the client is not breaking any Upwork rules by promising to pay you a bonus, and then not paying you. Upwork is very clear about this. Promises of bonus payments are between the client and freelancer. These promises are not protected and Upwork will take no action to enforce them.

Community Guru

lol what do you mean what policies are in place? What are your policies? Those are the only policies.