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Contract showing on the time tracker but not on the overview/reports

I have recently logged time on my hourly contact; that desktop has taken screenshots, and I can see the log time in my work diary, but not in the report overview. Kindly resolve the issue asap. Please see attached for reference. Thank you


Hi Gemeia,


Thank you for your message. I checked and I do not see an hourly contract active on your account. The job active on your account is a Fixed Price contract and I see that it is already visible on the Financial Overview page under the 'Work in progress' tab. Feel free to message us if you need further assistance. 


- Pradeep


Why do does it show on the time tracker if my contract is fixed rate?

Hi Gemeia,


Fixed-Price contracts can be tracked using the Upwork Desktop App, but they do not qualify for Hourly Protection. They only qualify for Fixed-Price Protection. The clients are not billed for those hours. The tracking function is available for Fixed-Price contracts only for recoding purposes. You can check this help article for more information. 

~ Joanne
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