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Create a freelancer (designer company) account

I would like to create a designer profile, but I am a company with designers who work for me. Is there a possibility to create a designer company account? I don´t want be a freelancer and a client on Upwork. I just want to be a freelancer  and have a designer company account.

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Upwork has these options:


- client account, which you use to hire freelancers and pay them. (This is NOT the same thing as paying agency members. Managing an agency or paying colleagues you are already working with is NOT the purpose of a client account.)

- freelancer account, which represents you personally, as an individual. This is NOT a company

- agency - individual freelancers may combine together to form an agency


If you want to have a freelancer account, then your "client aspect" or agency involvement would all be done through a single Upwork login account. You will only have ONE username and ONE password.


You may not let others login using your account.


So... Some of what you are saying you want to do is not really how Upwork works.


You may not set up an individual freelancer account for your "design company."


You may have an individual freelancer account, and you may form an agency. And you may add other freelancers to your agency.

Thank you!

Is an agency type account client or freelancer? Should I create each
freelancer account first and then create the agency type account?

re: "Is an agency type account client or freelancer? Should I create each freelancer account first and then create the agency type account?"


I have limited experience with agencies. But to answer your questions:


An agency is not really about an Upwork "client" account.


An agency is something that Upwork FREELANCERS are members of.


It is NOT Upwork's intention that you create ANY freelancer accounts other than a SINGLE freelancer account for yourself. You may add EXISTING freelancers to your agency account.


If you know someone who does not have an Upwork freelancer account, then you may ask that person to create an Upwork freelancer account, and then you may add that person to your agency.


But you are not supposed to create freelancer accounts for other people.

Hi Vera,


As Preston mentioned, you create an agency account after creating your freelancer account. Once you have finished creating your freelancer account, go to Settings > My Teams > Create new account and you will see the option to create a new agency account. This agency will be under the same login information you used to create the freelancer account. 


Once you have created the agency, you can then add team members. 


I suggest you check out the great articles we have about starting your agency in our help center: Build Your Agency


Make sure you fill out your freelancer and agency profiles completely as they both factor into your agency showing up in search results. 


If you’d like to learn more about crafting a great agency profile, check out this article.


Please let us know if you have other questions!


Thank you,


Agency Program Coordinator

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