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Disputing an Automatic Refund

Worked with a client on a fixed price project. Great, went well. $50 bucks to me. I did extra work, she gave me a $10 bonus/tip. Then, she wanted more work from me, we agreed to a new $150 fixed milestone. Great. 


So, she paid a total of $210 and then closed out the contract.


Problem is, when she closed it out Upwork told her she'd be getting a $50 refund from me.  She's new to Upwork, and so when she set up the final milestone something happened where Upwork thought together the contrat was $150. Either the first milestone's funding went towards the second, or the thing auto corrected to $100.


We both agree the $50 is mine. The question is, what's the best way for me to get it? Should I refund it, and then she will give me a $50 tip? Do I dispute it? And if I do, what are the chances of a negative blow back on both of us?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jennifer, 


I'm glad to know that you and your client have a very good working relationship. Since the client closed the contract, they will have an option to release the remaining funds to you or request a refund. You may approve the refund, and your client can just issue you a bonus for the $50. 

~ Avery
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