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Do you think freelancers should have rights to remove low/ negative feedback?

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Tatiana T Member Since: Jul 19, 2012
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I am again here and with new client story.  I decided to publish it on regular basis:-) Because they are quite different and this one is something new for me. 

22 of March a hourly paid project started.  I wrote about delivery time,  26th of March  I sent  sketch  and got answer! : “I like your sketches. I'm thinking maybe no hat on the peach. I would like the text to say "Magpie Gravy". Thank you Tatiana”)

 It was agreed that I need 3 working hour for this picture. This illustration was done in 3 working hours and this was recorded in time tracker. Finally - I have no get any reply about final image! 28 of March this client closed the contract! No even word about ready picture! And my score is 1,8…

Here is client’s feedback: “Charged me for three hours when she only logged in 2 1/2. She hasn't given me any time to respond to her emails but she only emails me every few days”

I have screenshots proved that I spent 3 hours, I communicated with this client only through Upwork regularly and got answer necessary for work!

What I did wrong here?  Why I should get this feedback to my profile?  When Upwork will get attention to clients here, who don’t know how even time tracker works?!

Ready picture is attached here.

And to my question – Should freelancers have right to remove the feedback from not adequate client?

Especially in cases when low feedback based on luck of knowledge how this system works?

Not money refund! It is unacceptable if you did your job well.

If you ask me I prefer short effective psychiatric test for new clients to be added  as well… :-)

Have a nice day for all and I wish you do not meet such kind of client never ever :-)



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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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No. That would be absurd. Feedback would be entirely worthless if we could pick and choose which feedback to display.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Tatiana, Upwork rarely, if ever, removes bad feedback, however unfair.  But I think you have done the best thing and have responded appropriately to this very unreasonable client in your feedback. It's  a horrible thing to have happened, but you have a really good track record, so I don't think it will take long to get over this blip.



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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I am sorry you were disappointed by the critical feedback from a recent client. But you REALLY DO NOT WANT to let contractors hide negative feedback like that.




Because then your competitors could manipulate the feedback shown on their profiles in an attempt to inaccurately make themselves look as good as you are.


You have completed 240 jobs, over three thousand hours of work, and your profile page shows job after job of successful projects, satisfied clients, five star ratings.


So you have nothing to worry about. Why would you want to give mediocre and unprofessional contractors an opportunity to easily make their profile page look like yours through the ability to hide negative feedback. 


You earned it. They did not.


Nobody who matters is going to care about the particular example of negative feedback that you are complaining about. It is obviously petty. Do not try to hide it. Do not annotate it with a comment of your own.

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Javier M Member Since: Sep 16, 2015
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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Nobody seems to have picked up on this, and maybe it's me being Mr Grumpy...but if you feel that you such have regular stories of bad cients that you need to publish them regularly, maybe you should revisit your tactics on choosing your clients...



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Tatiana T Member Since: Jul 19, 2012
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Thank you for all for feedback.

Choosing client: every time it is a different situation. In this case client sent me invitation on interview. Hourly job, everything was discussed.  What I can change in my choice of client? Do not work with every new comer? Try to see psychopath in every client who sends me invitation?

I didn’t spend even 1 extra minute. I delivered ready picture in time. I asked client about characters she/he would like to use, made preliminary sketch, got approval and sent ready picture after it.  I tracked all my working hours with right memos. If I continue to think that I am wrong here… what is right in this case?

Absurd that is after all this I god this rating! Yes, I have more then 3000 hours worked here and I rare have problems with clients. Every time it is something extraordinary. But this one is making my reputation down definitely. Actually I am not thinking about 5 stars I am just working, working, working… For this moment I don’t want to continue and recover my profile after that.

This client started dispute.  So I have 48 hours now to see did I something wrong or not.

May be few more slaps on face and I can behave like Preston H recommended.  May be just close my profile here.


What about system – it should be some way to take into account client experience, knowledge how system works, feedbacks. Otherwise it looks like playing Russian roulette with every new client!

Have a nice day and safe working!



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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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It is a bit like playing Russian roulette Smiley Happy, and occasionally one does fall on a bad one no matter how hard your antennae are working. Your client obviously wanted to push you into a refund. Whatever you do, follow everything that Upwork tells you to do. You have the proof of communication and proof of the work done. Don't panic, I am sure it will be sorted hopefully in your favour. But if it were me, I would not give in  on this. Don't allow this person to control the rest of your life . . . You will survive the bad rating I am sure of it, even if it smacks your JSS.

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Tatiana T Member Since: Jul 19, 2012
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Hi for all!

I received answer from Upwork regarding  dispute initiated by this client.
 “Good news! We have reviewed your Work Diary and determined that all time was logged in accordance with Upwork Hourly Protection. Therefore the client is not eligible for a refund”

Ok, why I should have this score and feedback in my profile now? If this client pretend exactly  that I billed her/him for extra hours and now it is proved that it is not right!

Almost any rule has exceptions. This case is a good base to make at least one – if freelancer won a dispute.

I’ll survive after that… it is not a reason to be punished for nice done job!

Have a good day!



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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Tatiana...don't sweat it. Just give the client your own honest feedback, take the money, and move on. I have had a similar experience recently and just thought...sod it! 


Any discerning client can look at my previous feedback and see that what this one guy said was total hogwash....the things he marked me down on were the exact same things a multitude of other clients complimented me on specifically....IN THEIR WRITTEN FEEDBACK!


And yeah, my JS took a slight dinge....but you know what? As a freelancer, you are going to encounter the occasional rotten apple...and I decided long ago that such rotten apples were to be tossed into the dustbin, while I take the money and go have my hair done or something. That makes me feel good.


At the end of the day, your JS does not pay your bills...the money does.


So don't sweat about happens.