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Does upwork 20% fee work per contract?

Does the upwork 20% fee work per contract? Or is it per client? I was wondering if the client can open a new contract and will the 20% fee only work for the first $500 and then 10% after? Or is it considered per contract


Hi Leinard,


Thank you for reaching out to us. As a freelancer, you’ll pay a sliding fee based on your total lifetime billings with a client. Because we want to give you the flexibility to change contract types as you work together, we count all your contracts with a client –– whether hourly, fixed-price or a Project Catalog project. (There are a few exceptions, see here).


Here’s how it works:

  • $0-$500 in earnings from a client: 20% service fee applied to earnings
  • $500.01-$10,000 in earnings from a client: 10% service fee
  • $10,000.01 or more in earnings from a client: 5% service fee


Example: On a $600 project with a new client, your freelancer service fee would be 20% on the first $500 and 10% on the remaining $100. Your earnings after fees would be $490.


You can check your progress toward reduced fees under Reports  Lifetime Billings by Client.

~ AJ
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