Email system is not working ?

I am getting no email notification from upwork. Although i do see clients messages in upwork Inbox . Poor service 


It's annoying. I got used to leave a tab open for the UW-site, because I cannot rely on the notification. Sometimes they come at once, sometimes after a few hours and sometimes much later.

This morning I received new files by a client, he opened a new milestone in our contract, I sent the translated files back, he approved the payment - not a single word reached my Inbox in my Email-account. Yesterday, though, the notifications all came through ...

So I try not to rely on this ever, check my messages every now and then in order not to lose clients. But I thought I paid for the full service ...

I think they have been trying to fix the multiple invitations to one job. Now the email system has disappeared. I had a response to a proposal, and fortunately, I was logged into Upwork, otherwise, I would not have seen it. I'm still waiting to hear back from the client - and now I wonder if there have been any further messages from the client that may have fallen into the black hole.

Upwork's has always struggled with email. The previous posters in this thread who say they use work-arounds echo my sentiments. I appreciate emails when I get them, but I check the actual website regularly rather than rely on email.


I always feel like Upwork has mastered email roughly to the same extent that Taco Bell has mastered sushi.

Hi Bharti and Nichola,


Could you please submit support tickets with more details regarding what messages or events you were not notified about? We will use that information to troubleshoot.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

I have NEVER received any emails of any type from Upwork. Although new to the site, I believe I should have received something when I submitted a proposal, updated profile.


i did review my email profile and my settings and they are OK? 


Can an anyone tell me why this might be happening?

Hi Rita,


Upwork doesn't send email notifications when a profile is updated. You should receive email notifications about your submitted proposals as long as you set it up accordingly in your Notification Settings. You may also check your spam folder to make sure Upwork notifications aren't there. If you still experience issues, please let customer support know and they will investigate the issue further.


~ Valeria