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Re: Expired test

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Ludwig Ann Y Member Since: Apr 21, 2017
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I have a bit of a problem about skill tests. I'd like to take a skill test "Knowledge of Microsoft Office Skills Test", but I couldn't. And every time I tried to take the test, the following message pops up. "Your test has expired. You cannot retake this test before "7/20/2017 3:59:00 AM" I was going to take the test about 4 hours ago and clicked the button "start test", but I decided to have a brake and have lunch instead. So, I just closed a tab. After lunch, I was going to take the same test, for real this time, but as I mentioned above, the message emerged and I couldn't take one. 


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Dave S Member Since: Apr 21, 2017
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Hi Ludwig, 


I seem to remember from the tests I've taken that once you've started a test, it's not possible to 'retake' it (even if you didn't actually answer any questions) for a month. 


I'm sure another member/Upwork moderator will be able to confirm or correct this!



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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Ludwig, you cannot retake a test until 90 days have passed, according to this article,, which states, "There’s no penalty for failing a skills test, you can take as many as you want, and you are free to retake the test after 90 days."


Unfortunately, the article does not state this, but tests cannot be paused, once started. If the test directions did not say so, then let Support know, but I doubt they'll make an exception for you and let you retake it before 90 days have passed.


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Ludwig Ann Y Member Since: Apr 21, 2017
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John thank you for your reply. Yes the test did not say so. It actually said that I can go back any time if I have to go that's why I'm confident when I decided to have a break and closed the tab. I'm just gonna try to ask the support then. 

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Renee C Member Since: Apr 6, 2019
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Yesterday I had the test pulled up on the screen but never hit start. I had to take a phone call from a potential client. I never returned to my computer and never even closed out the window. When I returned this afternoon to finally start it, it said it had expired. Again, I had never started it. If someone would please reset this I would so appreciate it. I reviewed for this test and it will increase my profile. My other bookkeeping test I completed scored in the top 20%. Please advise.

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Renee,


Can you please share the complete test title so I can share with the team? Thank you!

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Ludwig Ann Y Member Since: Apr 21, 2017
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Thank you for your response! Smiley Happy 

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Ludwig Ann,


I'll ask our team to reset your test and you should be able to retake it soon.