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FEEDBACK SYSTEM: a disadvantage to contractors

Hi Odesk, I do not wish to hide a bad feedback given to me. I just want to be able to REPLY. I understand that the system now is like a blind feedback... Here's what's wrong with it: As a contractor, even when I have been treated badly or project description was inaccurate, I still do the job and finish it. Of course, a little discsussion telling the client that its not exactly part of the job but in the name of service and good reputation, I would still do it. That I belive is good service. With this, I no longer bother to write a bad feedback on the client unless it really was a bad experience. So, if the client all of a sudden wrote a bad feedback because you happen to respond to them saying that "this isn't really part of the job.. but okay i'm going to do it" and they took it negatively, and claimed that you were not responsive to them. And when the client is not ready with their materials for you to move forward with the job and then claims that you were the one who took so long to finish the job, what then? As a contractor who does not bother with giving clients bad feedback, how do you RESPOND to them giving you a false bad feedback when it will only appear on your profile after half a month? by then you are no longer allowed to reply? Odesk would say, they trust that both parties would describe their HONEST experience through the feedback system... but WHAT IF THEY ARE DILLUSIONAL and not honest people? I am very very thankful to odesk because it has allowed me to provide for my family these past 3 years and I have become quite successful at it. This is the very first time I have been given a bad feedback and I do not wish to hide it, I just want to be able to RESPOND to it. Please give contractors ample TIME to respond. Take away the ability to HIDE it.. i don't care about that. I would much rather have future possible clients to see my side of the story. Thank you!

if it is indeed true that oDesk does not allow replies to feedback after 14 days, and i try to understand the logic behind it, i think that measure was put in place to prevent "revenge replies." you see, what i don't understand is why you didn't give feedback immediately after the contract was closed. i know, you didn't bother "in the interest of good service and good reputation." but then you go on to say: [quote]Odesk would say, they trust that both parties would describe their HONEST experience through the feedback system... [/quote] if you ask me, you're at fault here yourself, you weren't exactly being honest either. i mean, why wait for 14 days, why wait for his feedback for you to appear? i get the feeling you wanted to see if the client's feedback was bad first, so you could finally complain. sounds downright sneaky... and dishonest.
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I see they still haven't managed to fixed the bug, the system continues to automatically give 5 stats to clients when freelancers don't give feedback.

I had that problem, Natasha and I told customer support. At first the guy didn't seem to understand what I was saying and gave a response that didn't really answer my question. They now say that they're fixing it....
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