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Getting Paid



I am atatching a screen shot below. can some help me with the following question:


1: Suppose client doesn't respond to me, then do i have any protection that i will receive this payment? delivery of work is already done and client behaviour has gone strange. 


2: If the case is like that i loose payment, then what should i do in future to avoid such losses? 

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Hi Imran,

Only the amount that is funded in escrow will be protected by Upwork Payment Protection, which in this case is $5. When working with clients on Fixed Price projects, you should both be in agreement about the amount of money that will be released upon completion of a milestone. Once this is agreed upon, we'd advise to ensure that the agreed upon amount of money is funded in escrow before you submit the work to the client.

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have you done all the work required while 5$ was the amount funded (in escrow). then in this case it's clear that you've lost the remaining 335$

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1. You requested payment for the first milestone $5. The client has another 9 days to check your work and to approve the milestone. The remaining $335 have not been funded and you have no guarantee to receive them.


  • Remember clients can cancel a contract any time so never deliver more that agreed and request payment right after delivering.
  • Make sure all the money has been funded.
  • Check other freelancers feedback.
  • Do not pester clients. You might get away with little money but no feedback (which is bette that a bad feedback after pestering a client).
  • Take a deep breath and move on.
  • Leave an honest but professional feedback to the client. Do not blame him for your mistake. He might still be willing to pay after all.
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