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Getting back up from when you fall down...

Hello Everyone! I have been a freelancer for about one month now, and I love being able to do this kind of work. It allows for us who are creatively inclined to not only make a living doing what we love, but it also helps us to hone our crafts and get our work out there. Never give up doing what you love. Recently I had an unfortunate experience, it was my fault not the clients, but now I am learning from my mistakes to get back out there and get more work. It's essential to know that when your doing free-lance work that you are the boss. You have the power to work, but also the power to fail. Learn from that as you go along, and always communicate. This place is so amazing, and as a writer I hope to continue to keep working for these awesome clients and to keep pushing forward. A great teacher once said "Always know your worth", so don't let anyone push you around. Know how good your work is, and always keep your prices at a decent rate for the amount of work being done. God Bless you and what you do!

Nice words, Jess. I wish you the best.

Thank You Gillian. And you as well!

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