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Graphic design scam


I recently filled out a proposal in upwork for a job for graphic design. I’m not a pro but intermediate, I should’ve known it was a scam.

I contacted the real company named “**Edited for community guidelines**“ and found out this has been going on for a while. Every time the company tells upwork , they take it down and a new one pops up. I understand the rules about staying on the platform, I know I could have avoided the terrible stab to the throat upon finding out my life wasn’t about to change for the better. Hope took hold and common sense took a knee. I will say I have street smarts and these scammers had their stuff together. They had all the applications for verification and contracts, and knew the real companies guidelines for working there.

I needed to find a way to tell other freelancers that this is a scam, and it doesn’t mean that as a freelancer, that your not good enough to do the job if it was real. Luckily, that little logical me in the background was continually smacking me in the back of the head with every step the scammer wanted me to take. I didn’t give them too vital information, I had to put a freeze on my credit just in case but no banking information. I did screenshot all the information and the fake checks along with their Skype id and everything else along with this terrible setup. Still I feel deflated that I let hope take the wheel and that a positive financial change isn’t on the near horizon.

It sucks to be reminded that a lot of people and life want to take from you. So, I just wanted to remind people to stay on the platform even if it sounds like the job of your dreams, and even if it’s on the platform, be cautious cause these scammers have all day to beat the system. Call the company in question, if the number is rigged try the better business bureau. I’m sure a lot of people have better advise then me on this, so listen. I left the platform after being told too many applications were coming in and they had to close the post but it would be back up as soon as my project was posted. Keep reporting these job posts, I wish I could’ve put a big banner on the job search page. Good luck to all and just keep this in the back of your head if something doesn’t add up, our intuition is almost always right about these things.


Hi Cassadra,


I'm sorry to hear about what happened. It seems like you have communicated with this client outside of Upwork. Please know that it is not allowed to take communication outside the platform before a contract is placed. We find that when users communicate outside of Upwork there is an increased risk of fraud, scam, and other harmful behaviors. When communications (and work) stay on our platform we can better track, verify, and help address any issues that emerge, and as a result, the potential for these behaviors to cause harm decreases dramatically. For example, the vast majority of scammers that successfully take advantage of talent do so by going off the platform. 


If you see a job or a profile that seems suspicious, you can report it to us using the flagging option. You can read more on this help article and also, please check out Tips to avoid questionable jobs. You might also want to check out the information here to learn more about staying safe on Upwork. 


~ Joanne
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