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Have You Noticed a Drop in Profile Views and Job Invites Too?

Hi there! I've noticed a significant decrease in profile views and job invites on my freelancing platform lately, dropping from hundreds to just a few per month. My profile itself hasn't changed (100% JSS), so I'm not sure what's causing this decline in interest. I'm wondering if other freelancers have experienced something similar recently? It seems like the freelancing market may have shifted or sth happened since the bidding started? 

Do you have any tips or insights into why this might be happening, and how I can get my freelancing work back on track? I've started reaching out to potential clients directly, but would love to hear any other suggestions you may have.

The lack of jobs coming my way has been a challenge, so any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and help!

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Mine are down in the last week or two. They introduced profile boosting, so I'm assuming profile views are gonna take a hit.

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About the only thing that doesn't seem to be boosting is the number of genuine work opportunities on the platform…

Exactly, the Profile keeps shuffling. I think we need to optimize the profile again.

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Your profile is not public. you can contact upwork support team to public your profile itwill help you to increase your profile view

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Same here got only 3 invites in past 90 days.

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Hi All,


I have the same issue with Upwork. More than 20 proposals and only 1 view. I think there is an issue with Upwork. Dear Freelancers, we are losing our connects, we are losing money. Is there any one how can help?

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 I decided to try boosting my profile, just for giggles.

I noticed more invites, to incredibly terrible jobs who obviously didn't even do a cursory glance at my profile.

That's been my experience with boosted profiles so far, your mileage may vary.

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I think your timeframe is important because many freelancers started noticing this earlier this year. You said "lately," but I'm not sure exactly when you started noticing drops in profile views and invites.


Here are a few things I have seen that could be causing your declines:


  • Privacy: If your profile is set to Private, it will be excluded from the marketplace and search engines (i.e., Google, Bing, etc.). This means clients won't see you when they search for freelancers.

  • Search Results: Profiles are not stationary in search results; profiles are moved up and down search results to allow everyone a chance to be seen by clients. Also, hundreds (if not thousands) of freelancers are joining and leaving the marketplace every day, so search results fluctuate. This means fewer clients may be seeing your profile at random intervals, which means fewer invites.

  • Boosted Profiles: More freelancers are boosting their profiles. Boosted profiles appear at the top of clients' "Invite Freelancers” page which occurs under the "Invite Freelancers" tab. If more freelancers are boosting and you are not, it could mean your profile has slipped in positioning.

  • Competition: Competition is still high among many niches, so that's always a factor. The ratio of freelancers to clients is ridiculous and it gets worse as more freelancers--qualified or not--join the platform.


I also think algorithm adjustments have affected certain profiles, but I have no hard data and Upwork doesn't reveal much about its various algorithms.

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Hi, my profile views are at historical minimum, as well as incoming requsts.

During 2 months I experience almost total "mute" of my profile visibility.

I asked Upwork team for explanation, but they replied that nothing has changed on their side.

Planning to leave the platform.

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The number of job invitations on my profile has dropped to zero in the last couple of weeks, despite previously receiving 4-5. I guess this may be due to the holiday season. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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