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Hourly Contracts


I recently had a contact with a company and it was very promising. I was hoping to work them for awhile but they let me know they were ending the contact with morning due to cutting costs. I loved this type of work and having a part-time job making an hourly wage daily. I'm hoping someone could apply some insight into how I can find another job remotely close to this previous position/an hourly contract? My job listings currently are all fixed amounts of money, what ch is wonderful but I am wanting hourly and something promising longer term. Please reach out if you know of any or on how I can be considered for more of these position. It would be greatly appreciated if someone offered me a helping hand or gave me insight into how to apply and find more of these positions. Thank you so much! 

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Hi Catherine, the only thing you can do is to apply for more hourly jobs. 

Unfortunately, there are no recruiters here who would just hand these jobs to you. And the nature of freelance work suggests you need to find the work yourself. 


You can search for more jobs in Find work tab and customise your search too.

Good luck!

Thank you so much!! I will keep working my butt off until I find another project. Thank you! 

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As Anna stated, I think the only thing you can do is search for and apply to hourly jobs. You can easily do this with a customized search. For example, this for "Beta Reader" jobs includes only hourly jobs: Beta Reader: Hourly.


For the most part, there are no referral options here on Upwork. However, freelancers can refer other freelancers when they decline a job invite. (See Freelancer Referrals) Right now, you can only refer freelancers once you've been invited and decline the invite. This feature was (is) being rolled out and still may not be available to all freelancers.


Outside of that, searching for hourly jobs and sending proposals is your best bet for being considered for jobs in your niche.

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Thank you so much Clark! I will keep working my butt off until I find another project. Thank you! And thank you for the helpful tips. 

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