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Hourly Team Member Pay Vs. Contract Pay

In my case I would like to have it where I can have a team member get paid a lower rate than a contract I may have with a client. For example lets say I have a client whom I have closed a contract with at a rate of $30/hr and I want to have a team member work on that project but get paid at a rate of $25/hr. When that team member works on project I want them to get paid only 25/hr however I would still want the client to be paying the remaing $5/hr to my agency and it would transfer to CEO's account that is to say me. So all in all the client still pays $30/hr I just distribute only $25/hr to team member and then $5/hr to me. 


Is it possible to do what I am requesting?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Allen, 

In an agency setup, you should be able to control the hourly rates of your exclusive agency members. All the earnings of the agency go to the agency owner, and as such, you should be able to distribute the agency's earning, and get your commission on the hourly contract. You may read more about this by visiting this page, and checking the Roster Rates & Visibility section.  

~ Avery
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@Allen S wrote:

Is it possible to do what I am requesting?

 That is not how it works.

The client has to hire your agency member at $ 30 which is paid to the agency, and you pay the agency freelancer whatever price you agreed, outside of Upwork.


The client can't hire YOU and then someone else tracks the time. Not allowed.


I have a few more question. If the freelancer is hired at $30/hr and I have a different agreement with them outside of Upwork what does it show them inside of Upwork for their pay? Does it show whatever we agreed to or is all that also handled outside of Upwork?


Also I have an existing contract with client how do I move them over to an agency account for project? Are they able to move open contract over to my agency account so I can add team member? They already approved me having a team member I just need to know how to transfer job from my freelancer account to agency account.


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