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Hourly contract dispute

I've worked for a client and later he's not able to test website and is claiming the work is not done I asked him to join me on zoom or let me show him videos but he's saying he want a refund of 7 hours billed and I can keep payment for 3 hours he's clearly a scam now he's threatening that of I don't accept the dispute he'll leave a feedback that'll hurt my JSS and will look bad on my profile too... My question is that if I agree with him and accept dispute will it affect Jss too? If I keep 4 hour payment and accept dispute of 7 hours and he don't leave a feedback? Is leaving private feedback compulsory for clients who wish to leave no feedback at all? 

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Kindly report that client to support right away for threatening bad feedback. This is against upwork terms... Send screenshots of the chat as well. Thank you

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Definitely report this clown to Upwork.


But, to answer your questions:


1) Whether or not you comply with his demand for a refund, you have no way to know ahead of time what his feedback will be. So, you might as well keep your hard-earened money and reply (very professionally and factually) to incorrect statements he leaves in that feedback.


2) Agreeing to refund has no effect on your JSS. Only the client's private feedback, which you cannot ever see, affects your JSS calculation.


3) If client leaves no feedback, this project will have no effect on your JSS.


This is a case where it would be helpful to know if the client has demanded refunds from other freelancers. Upwork really needs to let freelancers know more about clients' histories of working with other freelancers on Upwork - refunds, disputes, average freelancer ratings, etc. We're told to manage our own  businesses here, but we're left almost completely in the dark when it comes choosing new clients.


So, it's up to you to be honest in your feedback for this client, so other freelancers will have some idea of what they're in for if they agree to work for him.

I want to know if I close the contract can he file dispute again for remaining hours of same week 

I've sent him partial refund if I leave a negative feedback he'll be able to dispute the rest hours too? 

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Reach out to Upwork dispute and explain everything that happened,  and report the client , attach screenshots where necessary and receipts of your messages, also reach out to support at the same time... Any bad review will hurt your Jss score.

Sorry about this 



Hi Alishba,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear about your experience with this client. I’ve escalated your community post to a support ticket so that we can look into this further. One of our agents will be in touch with you soon to assist.

~ Nikola
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