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How to Change the Image / Avatar of my Account?

How can I change the Image of my Account on Upwork? Don't find it anywhere!

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It would be better to use the word "profile photo", rather than "avatar."

The word "avatar" implies that you may choose a fanciful image file to represent yourself: Such as an elf or a cat wearing a chef's hat. Or perhaps a super-hero.


But Upwork required that you use a photo of yourself. I think Upwork avoids using the word "avatar" for freelancer profile photos.

(But if you have a client profile, it is fine to use an image file representing the company, such as a company logo.)

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Hi Samuel,


Preston's correct! As a Freelancer, your profile picture has to accurately represent who you are, it obviously shouldn't be a photo of a place, a design or object, or someone or something else (also, misrepresenting who you are, goes against our Terms of Service.) You may want to check this help article for more information on how to choose a good profile picture.


~ Arjay
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