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How to earn big projects?


I have a question.I am working good on upwork.I just want to know that how can I earn the big projects so that It should be easy to run well.


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Not sure what you consider a "big project," but I would add more to your portfolio.

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Ask yourself: do you really need big projects? How is doing one $200K project is better than 10 $20K projects in the same time? As for me, i certainly prefer the latter. Only downside is that working  on a huge one you have a false sense of security (false, because if something happens on the customer side you can be fired at any moment - like, he doesn't need the project for some reason anymore - and because project will take years to complete this is very possible - and because thus he would have wasted a lot of money, he is very likely to give you a bad feedback just out of anger, with no fault on your side). Also it is a lot easier to fail a huge project - the codebase will be many times bigger, requirements will change a lot more as you go, it will be very hard and require very much skill to plan the architecture flexible enough so it doesn't collapse under its own weight. Also, doing a larger number of different projects for different customers, you learn more and so your value on the market grows, after a couple years on same thing, you don't really learn anything anymore, it becomes just a routine.

If you want to get hired to work on big projects, then do great work for serious clients.


Serious clients with big projects hire many different contractors, and they continue working with the contractors whose work they like the best.


They often do not tell you that there is a big project until after they see your work on smaller projects.

that is true. potential clients didn't let the freelancer know about the length of the project until they feel okay. 

@Alexander N wrote:

Ask yourself: do you really need big projects? How is doing one $200K project is better than 10 $20K

Money..... The difference in Upwork fees is or rather will be just shy of $ 10 000


On a 200K contract you will pay


$ 100 on the first 500,

$ 950 on the next 9500, and

$ 9500 for the rest


Cost to you: $ 10 550


On 10 x 20K you will pay:


$   100 x 10 for ten times the first 500 ($ 1 000)

$   950 x 10 for ten times the next 9 500 ($ 9 500)

$ 1 000 x 10 for ten times the next 10 000 ($ 10 000)


Cost to you: $ 20 500


(all assuming Non Enterprise clients, with Enterprise clients it won't make a difference)


Hi Amarjeet,


I interprete your question as "I'm ready to move up the ladder - how do I make the next step". If so, good and valid question. Since Upwork wants you to move in that direction anyway, I personally think they could invest a bit more in supporting some freelancers in this move. (Not that they aren't doing anything, there are some good articles in the Hiring Headquarter section about this. But there is always room for improvement).


I would definitely work on your overview and your portfolio. Go into detail in both instances and display your capability of handling larger or longer-term projects. Show larger and more complex projects at the top, show your clients that you have evolved and that you know what you are talking about. If you have trouble getting stuff into writing, consider drafting things up and getting a bit of help from someone who is better on the writing front.


Don't do this just once, but regularly, consider it to be a bit of a process. You can still take on smaller tasks, but keep in mind in how far they can be utilized for bigger projects or if it might be better to keep them in the background so that clients don't get too much of a "Amarjeet is someone to turn to with little projects" impression.


Good luck 🙂

you are right, but if you get and big project you do not need to search small project and waste your time in bidding. if you have  fix regular work then you can plan for futher better.

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