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How to know if a client really wants to work with a freelancer

Dear  All,
I am newbie to the Upwork platform. I often send proposals to clients when I completed their requests to demonstrate my work skills that I don't have a work history for the client to choose from on the Upwork platform. I sent files and pictures to prove I had completed it but still got rejected. I don't know if those customers actually want to do their work or are fakers on the platform who want freelancers to just spend money buying connections on the platform. I proposed 42 clients but only 2 accepted payment for my work. There is a customer who is very good to me. I accepted the job for $5 but they offered to pay me $30.

Can you guys give me some tip?

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Some customers even asked me to send full original files but they did not pay.

Why would they if you already gave them the work for free?

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You can tell by not doing work you haven't been paid for. That way, a client who wants to work with you can just send a contract.


I know every client is different, but I would never hire someone who had gone ahead and done the work without being hired.

Hi Tiffany,

How to build a history of working on this platform for a newbie and prove their capabilities with market competition.

Can you give me some advice so I can be successful on this platform?

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