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How to tell if a job is filled?



I am new here. I submitted my 1st proposal a few days ago. I just saw showing under Job Activity "Hire", number 1 is showing. Does that mean this job is filled? If a job is filled, should the platform not give the option to submit a proposal?


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Hi, I hope you are doing well!


If you bid on a job post and you can see the active status as "Hired". That means the client has hired a person for that job but we can't say that the job post is closed because he/she can hire multiple persons for a particular until or unless he removes the job from his/her end.


I hope you got the answer satisfactory.




Thank you. Very helpful!

Welcome. All the best for your Upwork career

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When clients hire a freelancer, Upwork gives them an option to close the job posting or keep it open, even if they indicated they needed only 1 freelancer when they set up the job.  They bascially make it super easy for clients to leave the jobs open without giving much thought about how this effects freelancers. Personally, I think Upwork should change this so that if a client said they only needed 1 freelancer, and they fill that position, the job should be automatically closed, similar to how many staffing agencies do it. But that's not how the platform works, unforunately. 

I agree with you ... this seems to me a platform malfunction that should be fixed. Thank you for your help! 

2021 and still the same... I agree just to keep things moving.
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