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I am a newbie and this is what i found out about Upwork.

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Hi all,


I am new in this freelancer line. I use to be on Elance, but that is only as a client looking for freelancers to do the job for me. So, in Upwork, i become the freelancer as a graphic designer. I am here for only 3 weeks and this is what i found out.


I found out that, Upwork is just a Fiverr in disguise. Clients wanting a Logo for $5 bucks? Are they kidding? I hate that and don't bother to submit a proposal. I am new so i need to build my portfolio so i just recently got a job for Logo design for $10. I did my utmost and he is happy with my work and proceed to ask me to do 5 banners for $15. Tried to negotiate but to no avail. With building a portfolio in mind, i did it anyway, and the client is happy.


I did suggest to Upwork, that they should charge a 1 time joining fee, maybe say $50, for Clients, these is to deter the waste-my-time kind of people. We freelancers really appreciate out connects tokens. Now i am very selective of how i submit my proposal. 


I also suggest that 30 days for a Client to choose a freelancers before the period expires and tokens are return to us, is too long. Set a 10 day rule. I have a 2 week proposal still pending! 


Sorry peeps, just ranting.. Smiley Wink