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I have an issue with paypal and Withdrawal Fee

I have 4.50$ and when i try to withdraw 1.60$ i have 2.90$ left but with the Withdrawal Fee i also lose 1$, but my Withdrawal Fee is in the Transactions is due and has not been paid tab and after a couple of seconds my money returns to upwork and is not on my paypal... Any help?

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Yeah, any withdrawal either for paypal or bank account takes a 0.99 fee. But that's not Upwork fault, it's just common practice for any money transfer. And it's applied regardless of the value transfered. I.E. here in Portugal if i want to tranfer 100E to another account, it can even be the same bank, there's always a 0.99E fee

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I get what you are saying but i already knew that, i have a different problem. None of the money that i withdrawed goes to my paypal it just resets to upwork and it says transaction failed... And it says 

Returned Withdrawal (ref 592483317 REJECTED)

But the thing that is the problem is 

Withdrawal Fee - PayPal **Edited for Community Guidelines**

In the end they return my money to upwork and my balance is the same but i can't transfer that to paypal...

Ok, got it. In that case i can only see two options; or your paypal account info is missing something, or (that i'm not aware) there's a minimun transfer value...

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could it be that i don't have a credit card linked to my paypal?

It could be that, some info missing in your paypal account or info missing in Upwork about the account.

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