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Identity Verfication


I have just recently got my identity verified by chatting with an agent, yet, I still see this at the top of my Job feed

"Action required: To avoid additional account restrictions, you must complete your identity verification video call with Upwork. You can initiate this call by chatting with an agent here."

do I have to verify my identity again? or there is something else I should do?

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Noor, if the chat you had wasn't video then this is the next step in the process. Unless the agent with whom you chatted told you otherwise, you should follow the steps listed to get the video call out of the way. When a video call is requested that's usually the last step in the identity verification process.

I did video chat with an agent, I also recieved an E-mail that all the restrictions have been lifted.


 "Identity verfication" option is not visible in my account "setting". i want to verify my identity. any one help me in this regards , please.


Thanks and Regds 

Hi Hafiz,


Once you become eligble/required to verify your profile our team will reach out to you via ticket with detailed instructions. Thank you.

~ Goran
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