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If Feedback is so important, why.....

Community Leader

Doesn't Upwork listen to the feedback from the freelancers?


Even the most successful companies have to listen if they want to keep their clients.


Upwork seems to concentrate so much on what the client wants that what we, the freelancers, want is totally ignored.


Five points;


1. Clients use Upwork, not because it's Upwork but because there are freelancers on here who can do the work for them.


2. freelancers are not employees of Upwork, we are actually clients. We use your services voluntarily and as soon as a better option comes along we can disappear. So for a change actually consider what the freelancers want and need.


3. When you want to have a new 'feature' make sure that it works and works for everyone equally. The ridiculous inaccuracies in the JSS have been illustrated time and time again, but  (and no offence is meant to the Mods here) all we get is the same stock reply churned out time after time. Many people, including those who have high JSS, have little confidence in the system and the absurd secrecy in the calculation is making it even worse.


4. Is any testing ever don to see if the improvements are actually wanted, will add real (as opposed to imaginary) value and will actually work on the site without breaking it?


5. Upwork have you surveyed your clients (and I include freelancers in this) about your site and its improvements? If a large proportion of the 9M registered freelancers and 4M registered clients didn't respond would you mark them all down as giving you negative feedback?


I'm still waiting for a fix so that I actually appear in the freelancer search results where I should do and not elsewhere.




Community Leader

@Mark C,


You're assuming that things are much better on the client side, which they are not. 


I think the difference is that clients are less vocal on the forums than freelancers. 


I just tried to post my first job on Upwork, and my experience has been similar to that of my first experience with Windows 8, i.e. a "huh" moment...


Now after an hour on live chat and a support ticket, I have to wait 3-4 days for I.D. verification. 


I'm all for the single platform, but what we have now just doesn't work, and Upwork doesn't seem to be listening to clients or freelancers. 


Take a look at Facebook, the Elance forums and these Upwork forums, and it's clear to see that our thoughts are an overwhelming chorus of discontent.



Community Guru

Tell me about it....


A majority of my income is repeat customers who have already rated me once... I'd say 80% of my income is repeat customers, and I feel like an idjit begging them for feedback after every gig they throw me.



Same boat. The feedback I am missing is from a repeat customer (3 jobs in 3 weeks).


He already left feedback for one job, which he probably thought was enough (and rightfully so).


I had to chase him down yesterday to ask for feedback on the remaining 2 jobs as my JSS took a hit (100% to 93%) as a result of the missing feedback.


I explained the situation to him (Upwork counting no feedback negatively) and he was happy to oblige. 


However, this does not mitigate the fact that I also feel like an idjit for begging for feedback on a platform that he doesn't care about

lol Charlie. Yep, I feel your pain. Mine is on gig #25 thrown my way, and he rated me once. I don't want to beg for feedback every time, so I leave him alone. 


I tried to see it from the other side. My plumber kept bugging me for a rating on Yelp. I did it, and now I shouldn't have to rate him every time he comes out to my house.


And from my side, I never rate clients. I will continue never to rate them. Some of them are OK and maybe they wouldn't be my first draft pick, but when things get slow, I'll take them. I would never kill a relationship like that over a mediocre rating that kills the relationship and future revenue.

Community Leader

@Charlie E


I read the client forums and I speak to my clients and know some of the many problems that they have.


My point is more about how Upwork acts without actually knowing (or possibly caring) what either clients or freelancers want.


Ultimately their actions are going to lose clients from their site - both those who post jobs and those who do them.


They need to get back and sort out their main purpose, introducing people who want jobs done with those who want to do them.


Community Guru

Mark C I support your statment 100% 

Community Guru

... if you let clients do the "contract closing" you never have to chase them for feedback because it is physically impossible to close a contract without leaving feedback...


I do appreciate that it then turns into "chasing the client to end the contract" before it automatically closes eventually and counts against us, but somehow I find it a little more elegant to say "Hey, could you close the contract if we're done as other clients seem to think I'm too busy for them" than to go begging for good feedback....





"I do appreciate that it then turns into "chasing the client to end the contract" before it automatically closes eventually and counts against us"


Contracts that are closed due to poor client communication (closed by UpWork) don’t count against you. At least that is what CS told me a few days ago 😄

@Petra R wrote:

I find it a little more elegant to say "Hey, could you close the contract if we're done as other clients seem to think I'm too busy for them" than to go begging for good feedback....


 I usually say, "As a business person I'm sure you understand the importance of feedback. Please leave your feedback for my performance on your job as it plays a significant part in me receiving more work from excellent clients such as yourself"


If that doesn't work, I'm left begging which I absolutely hate and should NOT be part of MY job.




I agree 100% with you.

What must also be remembered is that the contractors are also clients of Upwork. Once a job has been completed, we pay Upwork a fee for work rendered to another client of Upwork. before we get our earnings. To put it simple, if you accept a job for $X, Upwork will pay you $X and keep $X for services rendered to their client. 

In other words, we are small businesses  who are clients on the other side of the coin.