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If I refund the (bad) client and close the job...can they review me?

Hey everyone.


I've had a contract drag on for 3 months now...it was a $750 fixed price job but I've only been paid the 1st milestone out of 3. The client hasn't activated the other 2 even though I've already completed the work.


I've already gone above and beyond requirements, but the client is actually a middleman...and I'm working for THEIR client who changes their mind every week. It's totally unorganized and not worth pursuing. Could drag on months more. I hate to leave mid-job, but it's turned into a beast!


At this point, I'd rather just take a hit and refund the $150 or so I've already been paid and close out the contract. If I do so, will they have an opportunity to leave me feedback?


To clarify, the client is NOT asking for a refund. This is me wanting to be proactive and refund money and clsoe out the job to be done with it. 


Thanks for any insight!


I'm pretty sure that if you refund the client it will be a no-earn contract and therefore won't show up in your work history (so no public feedback) but they will still be able to give you private feedback which could tank your JSS depending on how many jobs you've completed.

Thanks Linnea - I think I'm just going to go for it, make the refund, and close the job. If it hurts my JSS...oh well. For my sanity I need to close this job!


In the future, please don't work on elements of the project not yet funded in escrow. No funding in escrow = no payment for work.


No good client expects free work delivered without pay and the dishonest ones will likely take advantage of you. And think they can do the same to other freelancers.



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