Inappropriate Job Post Response?

Good morning,
I just received my first invitation to interview for a proofreading position, and when I went to look at the full job posting, I saw a notice that the job posting had been removed with the following notice: "Job Post Removed: This job post was flagged as inappropriate and has been removed by Upwork."  The interview request had asked for a google hangout interview session, which I remember from looking through the discussions here the other day is a flag, is this why it would have been removed?


Based on this, should I not respond to/decline the interview? This is my first experience with this interview process, and I am unclear about how to respond to a removed job post. Thank you.


If it was removed, probably because it was a scam, just forget about it.


And make sure that you have read all of this: Getting Started on Upwork

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Allison, if you still have the option to decline the interview, I think you should decline it, even though it's probably unnecessary in this instance, in order to make a habit of declining or accepting interviews within 24 hours, so your profile will state that you respond within 24 hours.

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