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Increase the Invitations


How can I increase the invitations from Clients?


Hello Saher ,


Greatye qustion on your post .

But unfortunately want to say that you can not control by you this portion . Upwork admin panel control it from the criteria . So keep with Upwork and create a great profile by you .

Look at this screenshot . Find a tab on right portion from Upwork Freelancer profile and pres here . Find this read mark portion also and read carefully . Hopefully you will understand most of the relevant task .

And flow successful freelancer profile . Then you may get a great another idea . but DON"T COPY PASTE any portion from another freelance . Then Upwork will suspend your profile . So be-carefully to continue on create a great profile .


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@Saher N wrote:

How can I increase the invitations from Clients?

This is a question that pops up in the forums A LOT.  Many veteran freelancers say that bidding on jobs gains them more private invatations.


Another way to get more invites is having a good profile. And job history. I won't tell you to do that because you already have a good profile, as well as good feedback.


Alas, there isn't just one way. It also depends on what services you offer, and how competative your market is.


I do however, have a couple of suggestions: Your service offering is a little muddy. Would you rather do proofreading or PDF forms (as an example)? Rather then offering a "all in one list" you might want to put a little more specific focus into the services you sell.


If clients are looking for proofreading, and you want to focus on that, it should be front and center on your Profile Overview.

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How can you be where you say you are located ... and be one hour behind me in Colorado? I wonder if prospective clients see that and wonder as well?


ETA: Because to some clients, time zones and location are important.