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Is it okay to have a Portfolio Item of Your Own Website?



I'm an entrepreneur working as a copywriter on Upwork.


I have personally designed and written the copy for one website of one of my own businesses. Would it be okay to include this as a portfolio item? With or without a URL link to the site? I do not intend to work with clients out of Upwork, and all clients that have found me through Upwork, I've always worked with on Upwork. Please let me know. Thanks!

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Retired Team Member

Hi Tudor,

If contact informations are listed on the website you`re not allowed to share it.
If you have any additional questions about this feel free to post them here, thank you.

~ Goran



Thanks for your response Goran. What do you mean by "share it"? Does that mean I'm not allowed to give a URL link to it? That I'm not allowed to write about it in my Portfolio without giving a URL?


In addition, what if the website doesn't contain contact information on the page I link to,  but it does on other pages of the website?


Thanks for your responses.

Hi Tudor,

Posting a link to your personal site in your Upwork profile is not allowed if the personal site has your contact info anywhere on the site, not just on the page that you link to. You can however link to your website or share portfolio pieces directly from your website when you send a proposal to a client.

So to clarify, linking to your personal website anywhere in your profile is not allowed, however it is fine to send it in your cover letter/proposal to a client.


Would posting an image of the website (or a logo) along with a description of the work I've done for it on the portfolio WITHOUT posting the URL link be okay? 


Yes that would be fine as long as you have permission from the client to use that work in your portfolio.


Okay, then I will just post a portfolio item without posting the URL to the website. Thanks.

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