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Is it possible to force a time record?

Upworks time tracking tool has a snapshot interval ranging from a few min to around 18 min.
Now that I am working with multiple clients, I find myself switching from one client to another multiple times a day.
I have frequently run into the issue that

  1. More than 10 minutes have passed since the last snapshot,
  2. I need to immediately switch to client-2 for a call.
  3. The tool may not take a snapshot for another 5-8 min's. If I wait for the snapshot I will be very late for the call.

Is there a way to force the tool to record the time after 10 min have passed or do I have to discard the time (and earned revenue)  and switch to client 2?

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One option is that after your urgent meeting with client #2, you can record 10 minutes of manual time in Upwork for client #1. Of course, this assumes that client #1 has set up the contract such that you're allowed to record manual time.

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