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Is the max quota 20 or 25?

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My job quota is 20. I already passed the oDesk Readiness test, more than 10 other skill tests, worked two hours and did 3 jobs, and I have a 5 stars feedback.


I've heard that the maximum quota is 25. 
1) Is it true?


2) How can I raise my quota to 25? 


I've read the help page about quotas but the maximum seems to be 20.

Similar topics in the forum don't answer the question either, apparently.


Best regards,


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It is indeed weird that the help article about job application quotas mentions only 20.


My quota is 25 (I only use 5 or less when hunting for projects though). I did all you did plus have my identity oDesk verified and added a bank account in my name. Perhaps you should contact customer service .



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I have 25 also. Maybe it's more oDesk secret testing of features?

I don't think it is a test since mine has been 25 for about 1.5 years now (since my first week or month here). I think the ID verification has something to do with it but the best way to know is to ask support directly.

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Mine has been 25 for years! I was thinking the 20 might be the test or a new policy, but you're right - guessing isn't going to answer the question Smiley Happy


It will be interesting if anyone finds out what the story is.

I was also having 25, but last month my account undergone with review and reinstated with 20.


When contacted support reffering to ID verification they replied "The maximum is 20, and ID verification does not have any influence any longer. It did in the past though".


This disparity may be due to some testing phase, as previously I had undergone with"minimum wage test" without knowing.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all,


It used to be possible for a freelancer to raise their quota up to 25 by verifying their identity. However, it's not offered anymore and maximum quota freelancers can get now is 20. Those freelancers that did raise their quota by verifying their ID when it was possible were grandfathered though.

~ Valeria

What had I done to deserve this?

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I see a contradiction in their answer:


1) They say that the maximum is 20, and I told them that my quota was already 20. So already the maximum, I can't raise it more.

2) ... And the rest of the answer says that I could increase my quota! It also implies that I have several ways to increase it, and that getting good feedback is just one of the possibilities.




From the discussion above, it seems that the current maximum for new members is 20 (not 25 anymore). The moderator did confirm that those who got 25 were grandfathered...meaning, they are treated a bit more special because they verified their profiles when it was still possible to get 25 as the maximum.


I honestly don't think you need more than 10 unless you are into spamming/sending mass applications. I hardly ever use up 5 but then I am picky and quality rather than quantity-driven when I am hunting for projects. Having 20 as the quota per week is more than enough to get you started and established. Applications more than a week old does not count against your quota so there is really no need to have more.

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I was told the same 15 minutes ago by oDesk support.


A Freelancer's first job is to apply for Jobs.


Actually, the preference varies. I am into 5 different Job categories. I feel, less than 5 applications per day is a deficit. At least, they can leave some room for 25 applications. Some may need only 5 per week,  some may need even 50. 50 will encourage the spammers. But 25 is not a luxury. I work 7 days a week or at least I apply 7 days a week.


Even though I am very careful in applying my jobs. I analyse the descriptions before applying. Big Jobs need better Worked hours and Good Rating. So, I choose the high success ratio small Jobs. They look very decent and very legitimate. But few turn out to be complete Scams. E.g They post as "Web Research"  but it would turn out to be captcha entry, I don't mind captcha. But asking me to work outside oDesk without a Job offer is definitely a Big NO.


At least 5 out of 20 of my applications go like that. That's really a waste. I need to withdraw, report and sit on my hands for another 12 hours. oDesk could stress the Clients for Payment and ID verification before allowing them to post Jobs. That way, there will be less scammers, lots of good jobs, trust and peace of mind.


A specialist may need less than 10-15 applications per week. But oDesk should also consider the Generalists' point of view. I am new here. I need to take up a new short job everyday to gain the rating before hitting bigger gigs. I don't have any other way to prove my experience and skills.


oDesk is a Wonderful platform for Freelancers like me. I don't mind the 10% fee. All I say is, oDesk could be little more generous when it comes to Job application Quota.


I hope you could understand my concern


- Pravin

Thank you for your feedback, Pravin.


I understand that 20 applications can get used up pretty fast if a freelancer is actively searching for jobs. However, currently this is the maximum job application quota that a new freelancer on oDesk can get.


Thank you!

~ Valeria
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Thank you for your answer.


I  created my oDesk profile 3 weeks ago and I've had 4 jobs. 

20 applications a week is almost fine; however:

- 50% of the jobs (English-French translation) finally hire nobody, even if every time, professional translators apply.

- Among the 10 remaining applications, when they hire someone, there are 40 candidates, and it's me 10% of the time. 

So I get one job/ week. Usually, the job consists in tranlsating 500-1000 words for 10 $, so it's not a lot for a whole week, even working part-time.

I see. What you can do is if the client hired someone else or failed to respond after a few days, you can withdraw your application so that will count as new quota which you can use after 12 hours. Most of my jobs are long-term and oftentimes, old clients just rehire me whenever they need me. That's why I don't need lots of application. After some time, when you're more established here and continue offering high quality service, there's no doubt that it will be the clients who will seek you out 🙂


All the best!

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