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Is there a way to hide jobs from certain countries permanently on Upwork?

I really need this option to block a few countries that I would never apply to any of their jobs from popping up in the job feed, Is this possible currently on Upwork.


Hi Emmanuel,


Thank you for your message. There is an option to select the client's location as a filter while searching for jobs. This filter will  show all the jobs posted by clients from a specific location. 


Thank you,


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It's not the most elegant solution but you can use a Boolean search to exclude specific words, including countries. So if you have a saved search CAD designer and you wanted to exclude job posts mentioning goldfish and Wales (sorry Wales, it's just an example!) you would change the search term to Cad designer NOT (goldfish OR Wales).


You can add as many terms as you like and as long as you use this format you should not see any posts with the excluded words in your feed, including posts from any excluded countries. You will have to add the terms to all of your saved searches which might take a while, but it's definitely worth the effort.

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