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Issues with submitting work

Ace Contributor
Irina I Member Since: Nov 4, 2012
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So, I submitted my files through Upwork's milestone request on 2 separate contracts on Monday and yesterday. This request usually appears in messages too, but this time it didn't. Today one of my clients contacted me about not receiving the submission. I tried to resubmit and I got this message:


''error happened during processing milestone. Please contact customer support for assistance.''


Going back on the submittion page, the files and milestone appear as submitted. But, everytime I try to resubmit, the message is the same, and considering the client did not receive the work and it also didn't appear in messages, Im guessing there is an issue.


I contacted support by chat and was told to clear my cache, but this happened on 2 different computers so I dont think thats the issue. As a last thought, they asked me to contact the clients for a walk-through in getting the work. But??


Also the latest 3 contracts do not appear on my profile altough I was hired through Upwork and everything else in in order. Is there any solution for this?

Ace Contributor
Irina I Member Since: Nov 4, 2012
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Yeap, I contacted the other client and he told me he did not receive any notification of my submittion or attachements. He can see them now but this is very inconvenient, it means I have to let each client know over and over that I sent the files.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Irina,


I was able to locate the contracts and Messages you are referring to and will escalate it to the team for further investigation. We'll update you directly via a support ticket.


Sorry about the inconvenience.

~ Valeria