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Italy: Sidehustle below 5k but more than 30 days

I'll be soon a student (from EU) and I'm looking for a side hustle that makes me around 2k/year. However, if I work for the same client more than 30 days in a year  I have to open a partita IVA and the maintenance of that is over 1k/year, which makes it not worth it. Anyone in a similar situation and did you find a solution?

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If you're in a situation where working for the same client for more than 30
days in a year would require you to open a partita IVA (an Italian term for
an individual company number), which incurs high maintenance costs, there
are a few potential solutions you could consider:


01 .Freelancing platforms: Instead of working directly with clients, you
can explore freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr.
These platforms handle the invoicing and payment process for you,
eliminating the need for a partita IVA. However, keep in mind that these
platforms often charge a service fee or commission on your earnings.


02, Multiple clients: Instead of relying on a single client, consider
diversifying your income by working with multiple clients. By keeping your
work spread across different clients, you may be able to avoid the
requirement of opening a partita IVA. This way, you can accumulate your
desired income while working within the legal limits.


03 .Short-term projects: Focus on short-term projects that don't exceed
the 30-day threshold with a single client. This way, you can work with
various clients throughout the year without the need for a partita IVA.
Look for opportunities that align with your skills and interests and
involve project-based work.


04. Consult an accountant or tax professional: It's always a good idea
to consult with an accountant or tax professional who is familiar with the
specific regulations in your country and can provide personalized advice
based on your situation. They can guide you on the legal requirements and
potential alternatives for earning income without incurring excessive costs.

Remember, regulations and requirements can vary from country to country, so
it's crucial to ensure compliance with the local laws and seek professional
advice when necessary.

I would caution anyone against taking advice on Upwork from someone who has absolutely no profile. You may be a bot or ??? People, take the advice of Elisa, a real, genuine, successful freelancer who knows what she is talking about.


Find a good tax advisor.

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Over €1,000/year for the "maintenance" of a p. IVA? By the way, what do you mean by maintenance? Sounds strange to me. You can find an accountant spending much less. 


My suggestion is to contact a tax consultant or a tax assistance centre, they will help you find the best option.

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