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I would like to understand why  Upwork don't look at clients who don't leave feedback.  Some clients are one-off users, others are too busy to leave feedback and some just don't understand how to do it.  I have long-standing contracts that never received feedback, yet the messages show how happy the client  was.  I have other clients who were first time users and had work complete - were happy (again, said so) but didn't leave feedback. Then there are the users who just never leave feedback - for anyone!  I have flagged and flagged this but the help team just keep repeating the same thread (obviously a template).  I think that clients notorious for not leaving feedback should be taken into account and if a freelancer requests feedback - they should not be penalised for no feedback left.  I also think Upwork should look at those contracts and make their own decisions.  Am so fed up with this system that I've shifted some stuff over to another website, some clients are now private and I'm trying my best to move a load of other clients.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi All,


We are closing this thread from new replies because it has grown too large and with recent changes some information here is now outdated.


Here are the links to most recent changes in how JSS is calculated:

No feedback contracts no longer impacting JSS

Job size being factored into JSS 


For general information about how Job Success Score is calculated, please see this help article. 

~ Valeria

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