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Martina P Member Since: Jul 11, 2018
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Nawazish H wrote:

So my first JSS appeared on my profile, it is 71%, whereas I have completed 4 jobs by now with 5 star review from client, apart from these 4 jobs, 1 job was to find meme's from google, I provided 200 plus meme's instead of 150 as required by client, but client was not happy with the quality of images. So I gave him the meme's and even returned the bid amount, even though it was not my fault. Client told me he would give me a positive review. Another job was to manage instagram page by just posting posts through later app, I accepted the contract, after that client asked me to manage shopify as well, and search for content as well which was not in the plan. So I asked him politely that it would take much more time than mentioned in job description and I am not available, so also said no worries I have other applicants available. I will not force you to work and the contract ended.


So this is by far the story of all my projects, now I need to know why my JSS is 71%

No money paid contracts have a major negative impact, as well as private feedback. The public stars are not impacting the calculation a lot, if at all. 

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I have successfully completed 4 jobs and earned $900+ but still I cant see my job success rate. Can anybody tell why?

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Aisha S wrote:

. Can anybody tell why?

Yes- Because it last updated on the 8th of November, and you only had 3 completed contracts at that point.

You'll get it next time it updates (every 14 days, on Sunday evening UTC)

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi All,


We are closing this thread from new replies because it has grown too large and with recent changes some information here is now outdated.


Here are the links to most recent changes in how JSS is calculated:

No feedback contracts no longer impacting JSS

Job size being factored into JSS 


For general information about how Job Success Score is calculated, please see this help article. 

~ Valeria

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